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Final Fantasy XI--------eventually XD

BAAAH! Our beta software came in today. It was very exciting.
I decided to instal it and see how the game was.. but... XP Disk 3 is messed up.
Apparently, there are plenty of others with that problem too.. so I'm not the only one.
Unfortunately, it means a longer wait until we get to play and try it out.
Fortunately.. their customer service rep. was very nice, and very polite and very helpful :D It makes me happy to know that there are still a few nice ones out there. Ones that don't sound, well.. piss-drunk, or just plain pissy about having to help people.

Minor setbacks in FFXI,
Minor triumphs in iRO

But unfortunately, our home pest problem is ongoing in a stalemate.
The rodents won't explode themselves on the soda I set out at night, so I walled them in. They're pushing feces out the light-socket again, and it's making me angry.. so I'm setting rat poison back there. I'm quite confident that will take care of things, since it looks like tastey rat poison, and it's going back into the wall where the cat can't reach it.

I have high hopes of clearing out one of the closets today to make more room for my costumes. I think I have some clothes I may be able to donate to good will, and that should free some room up. It will also give me a place to store my ever-increasing collection of dorky costumes. It's funny, though. M&I are sort of packrats. We find COOL STUFF and fill the house with COOL STUFF. The clutter of COOL STUFF ovverides any sort of sense of interior decoration, though, and it's sort of a mishmosh of anime& fantasy COOL STUFF scattered wherever it looks least cluttered.. until those areas get clutterd.. then the new COOL STUFF comes along, and we are forced to find new places for the COOL STUFF.
I'm never going to have a flashy, chic, spartan house XD
I'm contemplating boxing up some of the older COOL STUFF so I can space out the new COOL STUFF to make the house look somewhat less cluttered, and more organized.
It's like when M and I went through that pokemon phase. We got some REALLY COOL STUFF. I still think it's cool stuff, but perhaps not so much as some of the NEW COOL STUFF. But then I start to wonder. I can tidy up the house, and it will stay that way for a long time.. until the new COOL STUFF takes over. And then what? There will be a vicious cycle until the house become so full of boxes of COOL STUFF we'll have no room to move. The other option is not buying any more COOL STUFF, or getting rid of some of the old COOL STUFF entirely.
I wouldn't mind parting with SOME of it.. but many of the old COOL THINGS are loose, and no longer in their packages... meaning they'll probably be kind of hard to get rid of, if we were to try to get rid of them. A lot of our new COOL THINGS are still MOC and now pinned to the wall, which looks very nifty. And we've only pinned the new things to the wall in the computer room.. so it gives a good fanboy glow to it. I can't help but wonder, though.. could I have a better room if I tidied things up more and got rid of some of the old COOL STUFF?

>..> <..< >..>
I feel like this giant shelf of fansubs has to go XP Make more room for DVD shelving. What I really need to do is take stock of how many of these fansub titles we now have on DVD, and find homes for them. I think there's EASILY 3shelves of stuff we don't need anymore. There are other things that are out that we have not replaced on DVD yet... and I don't know if we will. Just seems like we have too many VHS tapes, now.. and the guest bedroom is full of COOL STUFF so as our DVD collection grows, and our VHS collection does not dwindle..

... we have space issues.. and it's just the two of us..a nd we've only had the house for 3 years.
But getting a new house would not be the solution.. because it would just give us an excuse to increase our ration of cool-stuff-to-living-person in sickeninly huge exponential ammounts. I think I should tal to M about getting rid of some of these fansubs, maybe. We keep a few. Ex: We will NEVER get rid of our Tomodachi fansubs of Fushigi Yuugi. We love their script, and think it's better than the Pioneer translation.
Kenshin- We're torn on this. As infamous as Shinsengumi is.. they.. unlike the "official" subtitlers, did not try to find a way to express the accents of the characters with extra written syllables.
But that's a whole other rant.. and we're talking about my lack of space.

Maybe I should just post an add: "Send me 10 bucks, and I will mail you some of my old toys, and some free fansubs XP"

or the "Trade you my stuff for your money so that my cat stops knocking things over in the middle of the night" fund


damn. I still need to clean out that closet.


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