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Ah.. it must be....

Yet again.. I'm afraid I've been a bad puppet this week. I really ought update my journal more often, but I've never been one to be punctual, regular......dependable......
Lots of things have happened to you since we last met, and I wish I could have been there. You're having a rough time, and I'm helpless over here. It seems everywhere I turn, there's a freind in distress. People I've just met.. people I've known for a long time... and you. You're special, though. I can write here, and know you'll read it. If I'm long winded, you might skip down to see if there's anything interesting, but don't worry. I trust you. :)
Would you like to know about the neato stuff I found? I am now the VERY PROUD owner of an Utena cel. Actually, it's a cel of Mikage during his *battle sequence* !!!!! I got it for under 50.00...quite a steal!! It's so pretty.. would you like to see a scan perhaps? :D hmm.. I think it might still be on ebay, and I'm lazy...
I like it....
I'm also getting an Alcyone cel from MKR. It's a very close face shot from when she is being dispatched by Zagato, I think. It's very pretty. I hope I can get a cel book soon, so I can put all my cels in one play and display them easier. The question is.. once I get the book, should I take all the cels out of thier protective bags?? Ahhh!!!! Choices, choices! We'll see if I actually win an auction for a cel book. I need to watch my money now, though.. so no spending for me!! I'm happy to say that I have a Sephiroth and vincent action figure, and it looks like even though I've opened them and played with them, due to the nature of the cards they were sold on, I was able to slip off the plastic protector and put them back in the case without ripping or harming the cards.. so it's not mint, but if I ever needed cash, I could sell them near-mint.. .I doubt I'll ever do that, though.. that vincent was damn hard to find, and I wouldn't get rid of my 2 fav. bishonen action figures... Maybe I need to write a FF crossover fanfic.


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