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I have given up!

I tried catching up on old livejounral entries on my freind's list, and it's just not working. I got back to when Makoto said she got a job (CONGRATS!!!) and then I gave up. So... here are my comments to all of you... or those I thought about replying to, at least. Sort them out and tack them with the appropriate entry in your livejournal

Miki: Congrats on the baby. I'm sure it will be adorable just like you. Could have helped with wedding stuff, but I'm no good with little droolers
Mako: Congrats on the job. XD
Ringo: depp..... :)~~~
Cosmic: Anytime, and you know it :P
Amy: fweeeeeeeeee
The Cosplay Livejournal Community: WTF is going on? oh well. Settle down. You are the majority of the entries in my freind's list now, and that is scary
Juju: Your ruby moon wig frames your face well
J- I didn't really like Punch Drunk Love. It was a well-made movie with very good acting.. but I just didn't like it.

Happy belated bithday to me! HULK SMASH
I'm still thee bestest Millenia evarrrr T..T


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