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Random thoughts from the socially estranged

If you just can't get enough of me.. split the following up as a page-a-day calendar in case I go AWOL again.. and break it up into tasty morsels to tide you over until next time

Edward Scissorhands always gets me choked up.
For the past three days, I've felt like watching a good movie. Something moving.. preferably with catharis.. but it at least had to be good.
I wanted to find somthing new, though.. and that's kind of challenging. You don't know, really, if it's going to be YOUR good movie until you watch it.
I knew I could trust this one, though. I trust Tim Burton's films anyway. Yes, even Planet of the Apes. Good directing, bad script.
In any case, I decided to rent a few to try out.
Once again, I rented Taboo. Japanese foreign film. Second time renting it... but I still haven't seen it.
I also rented Topsy-Turvey. I enjoyed this one a lot. While it didn't have the same type of catharsis, or really any spectacular drama, in that sort of sense.. it was very good. The woman who played Moaning Myrtle in Harry Potter: Chamber of secrets was in it.. and so was Jim Broadbent. It's a movie about Gilbert& Sullivan, and the creation& production of the Mikado. Good stuff. I have to say, though, that Jim Broadbent's role is sort of a funny precurer to Moulin Rouge... (which, incidentally, started production sometime around the DVD release of Topsy-Turvey)
In any case, apparently it won 2 academy awards.. for costume design and makeup. Not undeserving, I might add. Really great costumes, and fantastic stage makeup all around. I'd reccommend it to fans of the theatre... or anyone having to do with music/theatre/movies... that sort of entertainment. Some of the scenes with the orchestra gave me painful flashbacks to preparing for the Highschool Christmas concert in band.

My backyard sucks.
I saw a cute little snake, though. At least, I think it was a snake. Ididn't see it's head, so I can't be certain.
It was long and brown and very wiggly. At first, I thought it was a really huge earthworm, since I unearthed it in a pile of decomposing leaves. But.. it was too shiney/slick to be a worm, so I'm pretty sure it was a small but confused garden snake.
I think....

This place is filled with too many creepy-crawlies for my tastes. Cockroaches are starting to become a more frequent sight.. and that really bothers me. We try really hard to keep the place free of open food, etc... but we're probably going to have to do some massive bug-extermination soon. I'm also hearing this disturbing noise in one of the walls in the "master" bath. It sounds like somthing is slowly chewing on the wood in there.. and it sounds quite large. I thought maybe I was imagining things, but the devil cat was going nuts, and M heard it too. Really creepy.. and not at all good. Signs of somthing bad.
I feel this place is falling apart sometimes.

I tried to do some lawn work today. I trimmed some of the hedges back.. and tried to sweep the walkways clean. that's how I saw mr-snake-I-think. There is this low ivy-type stuff.. I don't know how to explain it. Most landscapers use this stuff to fill in big spaces that they're not quite sure what to do with.. and it works well underneath trees. It seems quite hardey.. but it's impossible to cut it back. You can't sweep it away, b/c it's like it's all one huge mat of plant.. and it's hard to even know where to start with cutting it back.
I need heavy duty lawn equipment.
I want one of those hedge trimmers that looks like a chainsaw.. I'm sure you know the kind..
I also need one of those edger things that looks like a tablesaw blade mounted on a broomstick. That would work, too.
I think we have a weed-whacker. I wonder if we could edge with that...

My paid LJ account ran out. :( I have to be more frugal with my avatars now.
Instead of my angry-weird-evil-evil laughing-not so evil laughing-depressed-pissy-unhappy icons...maybe I will just have one evil laughter and 2 pissy/depressed icons?
Or maybe I should just make one big pink square, and toss it in there to freak everyone out.

I'm feeling kind of burned out on the costumes after millenia...
and I'm having a tough time trying to figure out where to store it all. There are boxes and bags everywere.. and I need to sort out what is mine, and what I am storing for others. Then, I need to find someplace hidden to put everyone else's stuff.. and properly organize my stuff... I think M wouldn't mind reclaiming the house from my mad sewing periods. It's really kind of like a mania, I think. I need to clean out my sewing containers and properly sort everything (again)
I also need to do things with some of the fabric I bought for personal garments.
Who but God knows the true size of my shrinking and expanding and expanding waist line, though?


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