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Attention, everyone!

kyo_no_miko is NOT me. I just wanted to clear this up.
Jess brought the journal to my attention this morning, and the fangirl that owns that journal said some very negative things about some of the J-pop staff.
I would like to extend an appology to the members of the J-pop staff who have been offended. That fangirl is NOT me. She is not affiliated with me at all, and I have no idea why she chose to create a journal with the same username.
I happen to like the J-pop staff very much, and have been freinds with a handful of them for quite a while now.

It might have been the girl who IMed me a few months ago and said I stole her AIM name -..-****
(For the record, I have had my current AIM chat name for 5+ years. She came up with it a few months ago and said I stole it.)

The fact that she sat at the same banquet table at A-kon further confuses the issue. I did not know about this girl's journal until this morning, and upon reading it, I was rather shocked to find out that this girl sat at Tristine Citrine& Lisa Honey-chan's table at the A-kon Banquet. (After all, that's the table I sat at... and there weren't very many people there.. so I know exactly who that girl is now)

Anyway.. it's all very aggravating. Those who know me know that I'm not an obsessed fangirl like that, and know that user couldn't possibly be me.

So in conclusion:

kyonomiko= me. Yes. The weird cosplayer who rarely updates about anything other than costumes. You know me, you love me, you've been stuck on my freinds list for years.

kyo_no_miko= not me. Obsessed fangirl. Not terribly nice to Radio Wasabi people. Displays an uncanny ammount of similarities soley due to the fact that we were both at A-kon. oh.. and is not me


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