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Umm.. uh... what day is it again?

Ok.. so now for a more detailed A-kon coverage, for those of you that care.

Friday- In summation, the hotel screwed us over again. It's not even worth going into details. I'm SOOOO glad we're moving next year.
I got into the Eboshi costume and met up with Animecat. No one else showed up. -..-** I had to go change into Noble for the J-rock cosplay, so I had to leave. We ended up re-scheduling to meet on the next day instead, and I ran up to the room to get ready for J-rock.
The noble costume went over really well. Despite the fact that people kept calling me a giant chicken/big bird/chocobo/anything feathery and piss-colored....
Fur, not feathers. In any case.. those who knew who Noble was appreciated the costume, and that's all that matters. It was a lot of fun to wear, and it was hard to embarass myself b/c no one could see my face. HAHAHAHAH.
Our group ended up snagging audience favorite for the beautiful betime story about how Yoshiki will steal your crap if you don't watch out.
LAter that evening, I decided to try the wig on for the first time. And... since I was wearing the wig, I figured I'd try everything else on. Unfortunately, I have too much hair, so I coudlnt' pull the wig all the way down to the back of my neck. Becase the ponytail is so long, though,it covered it up without too much trouble. I decided to go down into the halls and show it off... you know, basically give everyone a taste of the costume for the next night. Ididn t' do full makeup or anything, so I tried not to stay in costume long. The embarassing thing is.. every year, whenever I wear the more.... revealing costumes.. in the evening, I ALWAYS seem to run into a freind of mine in the same spot in the lobby.. lol. Two years in a row! It's pretty funny.
I didn't sleep much friday b/c I was very nervous about all the stuff happening on Sat. So, I stayed up and made a little ebayt/sinatra jingle parody to sing on stage about how Katie Bair made my wig, etcetc.
Mako told me the next day just to go out there and show off my boobs... which, incidentally, I figured would work much better. So, I decided to go with that instead.

Saturday morning....

Iron cosplay. It went really well, but I still felt it was really frickin' disorganized. We forgot a bunch of stuff in the room, and had to send nick up to get it. That wasn't such a big deal.. but I felt that some other people who had helped run the panel before really should have known more of what was going on. GOAT :P That wasn't that big of a deal, really, but more of a time-waster. There was a lot of confusion with the judges, and I felt REALLY FRICKIN BAD for not being familiar with the judge that Greggo sent us. I knew NOTHING about this guy.. just that Greggo sent him to us. I had to have the judges introduce themselves so I could find out what he'd worked on before.. but he just said he was an ADV voice actor. T..T
We had 4 judges.. but I Really wanted 5. We had enough.. but there was confusion over who was and wasn't judging. So that was a messs. Our room was cramped, which made things difficult for all the hosts, judges, and other assorted people who were helping out.. and unfortunately we got the panel room *inside* the dealer's room. While I had thought that I had specifically asked for the other panel room offered, we were stuck in a location where people couldn't find us, so attendance wasn't really what I hoped it would be.
All the griping aside, the panel went really well, and I'm very glad to hear that everyone had a good time. All contestants finished their ghetto costumes before their 15 minutes were up, so we got done early enough to clean up. Hopefully, I will be able to further fine-tune the way the panel runs, so that in the future there are less problems. Mako& Ringo were darlings and managed to procure quite a few prizes for eveyrone, so we even had non-ghetto prizes to hand out! XD

Later that afternoon, I had to get back into Eboshi and meet up with the mononoke group again. Once again, it was just me and our Moro.. until Amy Black showed up in her Toki costume. Yay!!! And then there was much waiting.... -..-* It turns out that the rest of the group was wearing their Kingdom Hearts costumes instead. It was great that they had a group, but I was under the assumption that they knew what time the group was meeting.. and expected a little more humility from a bunch of people who were late the day before >..< I really wanted to get into my Millenia costume ASAP b/c I was exicted to see how it fit together. That, and the snug eboshi wig was a little uncomfortable.>..<
So.. into Millenia! That costume was a lot of fun.. albeit a bit embarassing. I only had 2 fanboys the entire day that tried to carry on a conversation with my boobs. ^..^ I feel accomplished.
The wig was very heavy, but not uncomfortable. I feel that Katie did a superb job in balancing it so that it sat on the head well. I need to email her about it and let her know how great it was. I also have to send her pictures. XD
I talked with Rociel for a while while we weaited to go on stage. Her group was just amazing. As always, she makes beautiful costumes, and wears them beautifully. Her wings looked spectacular, and the vinyl always looks good on her. Dai did a great job on the Lucifer costume, and the Alexiel in the group looked very good as well. All great work on PVC vinyl.
There was this mega-chii skit that was hilarious, too XD
In any case... I somehow managed to snag an award! I got Steve Bennet's Judge's award (for great BOOTS). I was so happy ^..^ Everyone that talked to me said "Well, you know he really wanted to say BOOBS."
You know what I have to say about that?
Well, he has traditionally given away clevage awards in the past.. and it's true that millenia was boob cosplay.. but have you seen my shoes? Dorks. :P It was just a clever pun based on his reputation.. but it made me feel good none the less.. because my shoes are spectacular. It made me very very very happy that he noticed them. I mean, it helps, that the judges are below the stage, but still :P All the better to stare at my bootwork.
I couldn't sleep again on Sat. Went looking for room parties. Didn't find any. Went to hentai night and watched animated porn. (not by myself! I went with Beven and the Mer!) I love hentai night. I mean.. sure.. it's lewd cartoon porn.. but for the most part, no one takes it seriously, and they spam the video with running commentary, so it's all good. They didn't show anything like Ebichu when I was there.. this stuff was all your regular hard core crap.
And then somene pulled the fire alarm, and the con was closed.
When it was re-opened approx 15min-30min later, everyone I was hanging out with had gone to sleep. So, I hung out with Disco for a bit..and wandered around some more. A group of elitists made fun of me, and I trekked across 5 floors for 2 buckets of ice. Bah, humbug! It was still an exciting night, though.
Sunday, I went to the banquet and sat with Tristan Citrine and Lisa Honey-chan. We had all sorts of plesant banter, an odd assortment of breakfast food, and listened to this cool string quartet playing anime tunes. If it wasn't so expensive, I'd do it againb next year >..<

Then we went home and I slept for a long time.
The End.

Oh yeah. And my boots still kickass.

Can't wait until ANimefest.


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