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A-kon... TODAY! >..<

I ended up making my "horns" on my millenia costume out of aluminum sheeting. They look shiny and mettallic right now. They look like shiny versions of the tin-foil horns everyone else does. But, I don't want shiny metal horns. I will try to paint the horns white tonight. If that works, I will try to get some gold paint on there, and cross my fingers.
The jacket is finished.
I am mostly happy with how things have been going. I still have so much to do... >..< But it will come together in typical ghetto fasion. I just have to make sure I pack everything now. Unfortunately, I don't have sheer-to-waist pantyhose for millena, and I'm slightly panicked about it. All the stuff that I have isn't sheer to waist. In fact.. the only sheer to waist thing I own are my pink ballet tights. No Way.

I will try to find some at HEB tonight, and cross my fingers. Otherwise, I'm going.. uh.. non-panty-hosed?

See you at A-kon! And you guys (who will be there, or who are there already) better haul your asses to the PW Iron Cosplay panel!!!!!!


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