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Fantasy vs. Reality


Today, I am feeling very productive. I manage to finish multiple fiberglass projects, and pack. The last touches of paint will go on Millenia, and after a shower, I will finally get to try it all on, all together.

Somthing REALLY WEIRD happened to the fiberglass last night. I've never seen it happen before. It did not set.
One of them set.... kind of... but the other did not. It makes no sense. They both came out of the same batch of resin. Everything should be happy, but it is not. I can still finish painting and packing, and Bloodberry.. but Now I don't know what to do about those Millenia horns. >..< And I still have to get together Mako's costumes, and make all the crap for the J-rock skit. Plus, sometime today, we need to go out to the store and pick stuff up.

There is simply no time for fiberglass. I refuse to use tin foil. Somthing else must be thought of.


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