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20+ yards of gold trim.. and it wasn't enough!!!!

Ghetto-fabulous Millenia. Oh yeah, baby.

I'm almost done. All I have to do are the horns for her wig, and finish the painting& trim on the jacket, and I do beleive I am done with that costume.
But I ran out of trim.
I can't beleive I ran out of trim.
I bought 10 yards. Ran out. Bought another 10, ran out.. and now I have to go back for 2 more yards the DAY before the convention to finish the cuffs of the sleeves. BAH!
Plus, I've magically lost 50% of the buttons for the sleeves. Damn you, senpu.

On an up-note, I have finished Noble. Aside from a little fine tuning on the "hat," the costume is finished~! Nyan~ ^..^

Things that still need to happen:

~~Fiberglass. Resin work is done. Bondo is the next step
~~Remaining paintint and trim jobs on jacket
~~Yellow fans on eboshi haori
~~Fix Bloodberry harness
~~Make a sheena ringo badge for Mako
~~GEt together Iron Cosplay supplies
~~Clean out emergency cosplay kit

And that's just the stuff that has to happen AT the house.

Shopping list:
~~Buy Food& Drinks
~~Buy more damned trim, and some more buttons
~~Buy stuff for Iron Cosplay. Need 4 theme ingredients. Ah.. so poor T..T

Ah well.. I'm trying to decide if I should sleep now, and do more in the morning, or keep working through the night.


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