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A-kon is too close for me to think about. I have made momentous progress on my Millenia costume, but it's still not ready yet. Everything on my checklist before still needs to get done. I haven't completed one single thing, but I have been working on everything simultaneously. The shoulders on the jacket came out fantastically! I'm, working on painting them now. After that's dry, I can put the collar on, and the cuffs on the sleeves. Then I attach the buttons and finish with the gold trim, and the jacket is done!! Still need to work with the eyelet. Since the con is getting so close, I'm very close to resorting to the safetey-pin-fabric-to-my-bra option. I can make it look good, you know >..< I've got the fiberglass mold-type-thing ready for the horns, too.. .and I've figured out a way to make them look more rounded without compromising the styrofoam on the wig. I have to figure out a way to get the top clip to stay in, and then finish the white bands and attach those.. then finish the fiberglass work, and the horns are done. All paint that needed to be touched up has been touched up, and I even bought embarassing underwear for the costume. Now I need to make sure I still have a pair of nude sheer-to-waist pantyhose, and Millenia is SET!

Eboshi still needs her fans

Bloodberry still needs a harness

Kits still need to be gathered, and suitcases packed.. but I'll worry about that on Thursday.

Oh.. and the fur for my Noble costume STILL hasn't shown up yet. If it doesn't arrive on Thursday, I'm stuck with my Machi costume. :(

I'm panicked so much that I'm calm.
Things will get finished one way or another.


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