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Working at a frantic pace....

Millenia is so close to completion... but there's still so much left to do!

The costume from the waist down is finished. Here's a checklist of what I have finished, for my benefit.
~~Shoes are done. You have no idea how happy I am about this. So many hours have gone into these shoes...
~~leggings+knee guards are done
~~waist cincher is done
~~loincloth& various additional coverings are done, trimmed, painted, etc
~~yellow foofy stuff is done. I really ought to hem the bit hanging out over the butt. ATM, you can't notice it.. so I will put it off until all the major stuff is done.
~~Earrings are done

Stuff I need to do:
~~ Add eyelet to demi-bra. This will probably be easier than adding it to the under-garment... in which case, the under-garment is done.
~~finish jacket. This involves attaching the other shoulder-peice, adding sleeves, collar, cuff, and then painting& trimming the whole thing
~~Fiberglass horns for wig. Have not started yet, but will make them tomorrow
~~bands for wig.. but this is being worked on as we speak/

Other costumes:
~~Gather up all costume peices for things that I will be wearing, and then get Mako's stuff together.

~~Remake the idiotic frame for the bloodberry harness
~~get new foam brushes, etc for liquid latex
~~buy more "rivets"
~~re-organize Emergancy Cosplay Repair Kit
~~Organize Iron Cosplay supplies
~~Mail out armor commission
~~Make and sew a few yellow fans to haori for Eboshi costume
~~turn house upside down for my bag of black hair, so I can add onto Eboshi wig
~~Buy& add ribbon to Eboshi wig

And I'm going to need help on this last one, people..

PRAY TO YOUR FAVORITE DIETY that the fur for my Noble costume comes in. If it comes in THURSDAY AFTERNOON, I can still get the costume done...
This is making me very sad. If the fabric comes in, I will have to wear Machi to A-kon. It's not nessesarily a BAD thing, since machi has not yet seen an A-kon.. but I REALLY wanted to debut a new J-rock costume at this one.. and the fur I ordered a few months ago has not yet shown up.


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