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Just another costume update

Today, I finished both cuffs for the Millenia shoes, and made all the buttons for the sleeves. I need to attach the cuffs for the shoes, and then lace them with the black satin rope cording I bought, and they'll be 90% complete. (I can't say 100%, because I still need to make and attach the sculpty tassle things on each one, and sponge the cuffs) I finished both cuffs, and completely forgot to paint them, so I will have to sponge somthing on later. It's too late to airbrush safely, so we'll have to see.

I bought some quilting templates from Jo-Anne's today. I'm hoping they will work well for the knee guards. I have to admit, this is the first costume I've ever done where I've worked primarily bottom-to-top. The plastic lookshappily flexible and it looks like it should cut easily. plus, since it's template plastic, it should mark easily, too. All I will have to worry about it attaching it. I really do think I'm going to put a clear plastic bra-strap on the backs of each to keep them on.. bwaha

I think the demi-bra I bought at Victoria's secret looks perfect in the front, but you can see the strap in the back. I'm not quite sure what to do. I don't know if we can scoot it under the waist cincher or not.. or if maybe I should put some lacy trim on the eyelet undergarment and sneak that up to hide the bra. I think I can get away with the latter, and take two inches of ye old artistic license.
I also need to cut the jacket top open.. MORE!
It's still too big, which is shocking considering right now I can ball it up in the palm of my hand. When I'm happy with that, I will have to line it and work on the collar... I've got the remainder of the foam from the Silky project glued together into two large blocks, and tonight I hope to try and carve some of that into somthing that looks like millenia's shoulder pads. Then, I'll make a "slipcover" for them, and attach that to the jacket.. and sew sleves on the bottom. Put buttons on the sleves, attach gold trim, paint it all up, and the jacket will be 90% complete. I've got so much to do and only two weeks left!

BTW- Celine- Where are you? Haven't heard from you in forever.. and I still need another "weekend" with you to finish your prop.

I heard form Katie today about my wig. It's not finished yet, but she wanted to talk to me about some of the measurements on the top part. Whe wanted to make sure that whatever she made would fit the peices I put together... :X I haven't made any of the peices for the wig yet!!! It's ok, since she will stick some placeholders ont he wig (I imagine out of cardboard or somthing) and then when I get the wig in, I'll attach everything else.

I wanted to post finished pictures of the shoes tonight, but I think I will wait a little bit longer until they are finished. There's just not that much left to do on them. I need to buy some sculptey. I forgot to look for it at Jo Anne's >..< So it looks like I will need ot make a trip to Hobby Lobby tomorrow.
I really wanted to buy another exacto knife.. or ANYTHING that would help me carve this foam easily.. but they didn't have anything at Jo Anne's and I was feeling lazy about going out around town looking for craft stuff. I left with such a creepy feeling after the store manager kept asking about Mako-chan >..<
Besides.. I have enough to work on here.. and I'm sure I can figure out the foam problem somehow.
It's nice cushy upholstery/furniture type foam. It's the stuff that it looks like most of the furries use for mask-making, etc. I wonder how they carve it to look so smooth? Maybe they just take thin strips and lay it over a wire frame or somthing >..< That would work good, too...

But now I need to carve these large blocks of foam for shoulder-pads. So much to do. Two weeks left. I have this strange peaceful feeling about the whole project, though. IT's like.. I know I have an inhuman ammount of work to do.. and that it can't possibly get done in time... but I have this strange sence of calm... The kind of calm you get when you know you're going to die and it's not going to happen!!! ahhh!
It's just.. there's no way on earth it's all going to get done. There are no more corners for me to cut. What gets done, gets done.. and more than likely, nothing will be 100% complete. T..T I'm so sad.. but I'm going to keep plugging away. You never know. I could get it all finished. I'm going to go figure out how to carve that foam.. and if I get bored of that, I'll try and finish those shoes...


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