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Sadness! Oh no!

I got all of my ebay auction winnings on one day, wow! (BTW, Mako-that doujin went for over 40 bucks! X..X Needless to say, I didn't win it)
I got my Buck-Tick CD in (Cosmos- I've been looking for this one forever, and managed to get it used)
As well as my dorky TMR notepad& assorted stationary.
I also got my big metal DDR pad in.
Unfortunately, it's broken.
Really expensive DDR pad.
I'm emailing the seller now to see what we can do about it. If he has to replace it, it's really not worth the shipping. I got the pad for 31 bucks. UPS delivered it, and it's frickin heavy, so by the time they were done with shipping, it was ungodly expensive.
It's like the start button is miswired.
When you press the start button IN, it does nothing. When you leave it, and don't press it at all, it's like it's being repeatedly pressed, very quickly.
I want to take a screwdriver to it, but I'm waiting to see what the seller says first. If, say, the start& select buttons were miswired, and one was the other, I could live with that. No problem. But the way it is now, you can't do anything! You'd have to either tape the start button in, or disable it completely.. and then you wouldnt' have a start button >..<
It would suck! You need the start button! So, I hope my seller has a good idea :(


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