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more randomness REVOLUTION

I wish "genki" was an emotional state I could choose from the list of emotional states. I also want "detatched," "disconcerting," "nifty," and somthing to the effect of "floating" Ah well ^..^
Things are looking up now that I have more distractions. I'm taking a course called "Human Sexuality" this semester. We talk about Sex. All the time. It's goign to be fun ^..^ My room-mate took it last semester and said she was one of the only ones w/o children, but it looks like there's a younger group this semester...gotta wait and see.
An older freind of ours stopped by the house today. He'd only been to the house TWICE since we moved in, because apparently his girlfreind doesn't like his freinds. It's been a year since they've been "dating' and now that she's moving to Houston, he's suddenly hanging out more. Stuff like that tends to annoy me and make me bitter.
On a nifty note, I got this GREAT Malice mizer book for christmas from my room-mate. It's the book where each band member (Merveilles era) interviews his fav. manga artist. Mana chose the author of angelique, Gackt chose the Bannana Fish Author... Um... Kozi I think chose the Gundam creator, Kami chose some guy I didn't know that draws a strange yu-yu-hakusho-like highschool manga with a rebellious kid.. and Yu~ki chose the KissXXX author. Aside from that, there's LOTS of pictures and doujinshi and SD MM pics.. and pictures of Malice Mizer...pokemon!!! It's hilarious. I'll have to scan some in for you.
In any case.. there's a color picture of each band member posing without makeup (Except, of course, Mana). I had also received this great temple charm from my room mate (I was pestering about it forever.. I HAD to have a temple charm)
Now here's the strange and NIFTY part:
The charm I got was a safe driving charm with a very distinct shape in purple. The picture of Kami has him posing in a car with THE EXACT SAME CHARM hanging in his car (but in Yellow- of course ^..^ .. Yellow was one of Kami-san's fav. colors... I wanted to mail him a yellow butterfly watch, but I couldn't find one in time... :( )
the ONLY difference in the charms being the tassle and cloth color.. everything else was the same.. tassle& knot pattern and everything... I know someone who was at the same Temple Kami was at.. or at least was sitting in a car with a charm from the same temple my freind was at.... >..


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