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iRO can steal your soul, but I still have work to do!

I've been meaning to post for.. well, days.. but I just haven't.
I've kind of fallen off the face of the earth for a while, I guess.. and this time I really don't mind. I have a lot of hopes for this week and next week, though.
Next week, I want to have my commission in the mail. IT's almost done.
I want to finish the main body of the Millenia costume, and finish the undergarments
I want to get the house a little bit cleaner

I have a lot more I want to do, but I think those are pretty reasonable for now.
I'd love to finish Eboshi.. and finish all the stuff I started on Millenia, But I don't think I can get all that done in a week.
I really hope my fur shows up soon. I mean, it's still got two weeks on it for it to be w/in the allotted shipping time.. but I get nervous when stuff happened at the last minute like that.
I also hope I hear from the artist I commissioned my Millenia wig from. That, too has a few weeks left on it, but the sooner the better.
I also need to repair Bloodberry. She CANNOT be worn as is. But I feel so.. apathetic.. towards that costume. XP

I'm thinking about becoming a dog washer at a pet store. Sounds like fun. I really hate that I haven't found anything I'm qualified for in town, but I pretty much expected that. M seems to be cool with everything, though. For the sake of finances.. it's best I get SOME sort of job.. but he's being wonderfully supportive about it all. Maybe things will fall into place soon after A-kon, and I can get caught up on stuff.


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