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celine and I got a lot of costume stuff done over the past few days. Messy fun was had by all.

iRO opens today.. but they have new client software, and I don't know how many people are online right now, b/c it seems the software is IMPOSSIBLE to download. Everyone's trying to grab it, and every mirror that's hosting it is also packed.
One reason is probably because.. uh.. duh. open beta this time around. No one has to pay, so more people are fucking around with it. XP I want to new client!
The fact that they opened the servers the DAY after they announced registration was open was kind of dumb. Well, they could have done that, with no problem.. BUT.. they should have made the new software available at least a week earlier if that was the case. Now no one can play, b/c everyone's spending all their time desperately trying to find an open server to DL the software from. Fansite mirrors are great, but there arn't really enough of them :(

I'm sooo tired. Had to wake up early today. Out dishwasher broke, and I had to get up at 8 to wait for a serviceman. The timeslot was 8am-12 noon. No one's here yet, and I'm still very sleepy >:( And the dishwasher is still broken!


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