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Lately, it seems that a lot of people think that their costume attemps will look pathetic compared to what I'm working on for A-kon.. and have this horrible sense of low costume-esteem or somthing. I'm flattered that they like my work, and recognize how hard I work on things, but anyone could do it. All you have to do is have an eye for detail, and a sense of commitment. You just have to be willing to spend the time and money to make it the best costume you can. I think anyone out there reading this who has talked to me about this topic... (you know who you are) can make a costume much better than I can if you're dedicated. I'd like to think that I hae a natural inclination towards some things, but even then, that will only get you so far. And when it comes to will, self-discipline, etc.. no one has less than I do. So that pretty much prooves that if you try your best and learn the skills you need to sew things, you can do better than me :P I just spend an awful lot of time paying attention to little details. Once you get the basic outfit right, you can't stop there. Part of an excellent costume is an anal attention to minute details. Mako's had to slap me around before because of it, though ~..^
When we were working on atm_greggo's Salt costume, I was starting to get nerotic over the fact that the illustrations differed so much. I'd made the hat orange with a yellow scalloped brim.. and made the gloves in a matching color scheme. Main garment orange: trim yellow. But, when I looked at the anime, and my reference illustration, the gloves were supposed to be yellow with orange trim! AND the number of points on the star on the hat kept changing! It was driving me nuts, b/c I wanted it perfect. But you know, there are times when you just have to step back and realize that most people won't notice if the glove colors are mixed up.. especially b/c they match the hat.. or no one really gives a rat's ass as to how many points are on the sun medallion on the hat. But still, it's that kind of attention to detail that will help you make a costume look more complete as a whole. When possible, you don't want to skimp. If your character has red leggings with an interesting looking knee-guard.. you don't want to show up in red tights. The color is the same, but it's not the same thing. It will look less complete because the fabric won't look right, and peices will be missing. So, you have to try your best to get it to look and sit exactly how it does in the picture. IE the key to a less-ghetto costume.
I mean.. you can't always get it perfect. Sometimes it's bloody impossible in a world ruled by the laws of physics. But you can sure as hell try, and the closer you get, the better it looks.
When I was in highschool, things seemed hopeless. I couldn't sew, and my mom didn't have time to teach me. When I wanted to make my first "cosplay" costume, I had to go to the next door neighbor to hem a peice of fabric I'd cut. I felt like my costume was so crappy, b/c I couldn't make things "just so." Part of that was my budget.. but even on a small budget, I think I did very well for what I had! No money spent, and I was recognized for the character I was. Still, I knew there was plenty of room for improvements! As much as I hated some aspects of band, my directors were always right. When you become complacent, and do not think there is any room for you to improve, you will stagnate. I KNOW none of my costumes look as perfect as they COULD look. Sometimes, it's a lack of technical skill and ability on my part. Sometimes, it's because I don't know about certain construction materials that could make my props better. I feel like there always has to be a better way to do some of the things I do...so I keep learning. Right now, I'm making my costumes to the best of my ability, b/c it's what I currently have a passion for. It feels good to sink your hands deep into somthing and make somthing from nothing. I like the feeling of accomplishment I get when I finally finish making somthing, and it fits right, and looks the way I intended it to. It's very satisfying. And nothing makes me feel better than that... than when someone else can recognize the hard work I put into it, and agrees that it looks good. After all, happiness is always better when you can brag.. er.. I mean, share it with others.
So.. for you guys that I talked to, or those who have made comments lately.. keep at it. The sky's the limit, and as long as you're willing to learn, you'll never stop getting better at it.

BTW-Some help you guys were on the tattoos :P You're all tied right now! :P

PS-BTW-ETCETCETC Look at what that sweetheart zoi_no_miko finished for me!!! ::hearts:: <3


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