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Costume update.. sorta

While working on costume stuff, I watched Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. I liked it, but I came away with an acute sense of paranoia for the next hour and a half.

Ok.. the bottoms of Millenia's leggings are pretty much finished. I need to make the knee peice.. but I'm going back and forth over whether to do it on gauzy fabric& airbrush, or whether to do it with plastic. I'm kinda leaning towards plastic right now, actually.. but I'm not sure where I'd find some. I should have bought some of those clear plastic cones at Jo Anne's when I had the chance!
Ok.. so I STILL have a lot to do.. but I'm essentially DONE with the waist cincher. I'm essentially done with the bottom portions of the leggings. I'm mostly done with the boots.. but those take a lot of concentration, so I do them in segments... they need to be really sturdy...
Anyways.. I'm essentially DONE with the loincloth. Gotta attach snaps or hooks or somthing to close the band, and put weights in the bottom of the panels so they sit right. May need to cut sections out of the top, too, (Kinda like my curtains by the pinball machine.. or like a shower curtain)but I haven't decided yet.
Gotta attach the yellow crap... somehow. I THINK I can get away with attaching it to the waist cincher. Gotta see on that yet.


~~Gotta make the knee peices for the leggings
~~Gotta make the cuffs for the shoes, and touch the paint up
~~Gotta attach the yellow "skirt" to the waist cincher
~~Gotta finish the chemise... thing... that goes underneath
~~Gotta finish up the loincloth& band
~~Gotta make the maroon peice that sits over the waistband
~~Gotta make the jacket (THIS IS GOING TO BE A PAIN)
~~Gotta make the peices for the wig (which has not come in yet, but is not due for another few weeks)

When all that is done, I will be very happy.. but my work will not be finished yet.
I still need to make the sculpty dangly bits and earrings.

All in all, I'm rather glad the waist cincher is too big, b/c I have to shove a LOT of stuff under there somehow. -..-***

Oh! If you haven't voted on a tattoo yet, look at my previous entry and vote! The competition is fierce XD

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