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OK.. still stewing over it.

Attention:This is a happy edit! :D
If you are on my freinds list, you are obligated to vote, or I will leave cryptic messages about frozen squid in your livejournal! BWAHAHAH.

Couldn't get it out of my head.
Granted, it's not going to happen all that soon, but I figured I might as well play with a poll while I still have a paid account! :D
Ok.. So.. like I was saying a while back.. I've always wanted a tattoo, and haven't really been able to decide on anything.
I hadn't really given a lot of thought to it in a few months, and after seeing Disco's Journal, and looking at a lot of skin shots lately, it got me thinking about things again...

Poll #128607 Tattoo

Integral is trying to decide on her first tattoo! Your opinions?

A small CLAMP fugu fish.. uh.. someplace undecided.. But it'll be cute!
The duelist's rose signet from Utena on my right ring finger. (Can easily hide under Baylor ring! hahahah)
A Cancer logo intertwined with Pices fishies (zodiac for me& the hubby)
Better just wait a few more years on it...
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