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Today I finished the Eboshi Jacket. All I need to do is finish styling the wig (Already started)
Make the under-kimono (SUPER EASY)
Make little cloth fans for haori.

Then, IT's back to work on Millenia.

I'm also making musical preparations for A-kon. I'm finally starting my big ambitious J-rock compilation project. You see.. I feel really uncomfortable leaving massive portions of my J-rock collection in the car at any one time. I mean, depending on the CD, I would theoretically leave hundreds of dollars of imported music in the car just by leaving one CD folder there. Makes me terribly nervous just thinking about what would happen if someone broke in and stole my CD wallet... So, I aim to make compilation albums of my favorite artists. Then, I'll throw whatever is left on a few other compilation disks.. then I'll probably make 1 or 2 "Ultimate" compilation disks.
I'm starting with Buck-Tick tonight. It's going to take two disks, b/c they have such solid albums, and a looong track record of GOOD STUFF. I only have 5 B-T albums, and one of them is the "This is NOT Greatest Hits" CD.... so it'll take a while. Taboo, Darker than Darkness and Six-Nine are such good albums, it's hard to choose from everything. There are a few tracks that absolutely have to go on there. There were a lot more, until I realized that I should probably just make a copy of my "This is NOT Greatest Hits" CD and that would knock a bunch of them out.
Then, I'll probably do Malice Mizer next. Then X Japan, hide, L'arc En Ciel, and LunaSea. Cover all the J-rock staples. After that, I'll have to look at what I've got to see if I have any other mass of albums from a particular artist. For some artists, all Ihave is 1 album, or an album and a handful of MP3s. Like Janne da Arc. I only have one album, but I wish I had more. I could probably just yank my absolute favorites off then, and mush it up with my favorites from Fanatic Crisis, Pennicillin, and Rouage, and that'd be another one. Or Cali/=Gari and Pleur.. and if I can dig up any more D'avid MP3s.. d'avid. etcetc.. until I run out of stuff. XD Then I can stick all my guilty indies pleasures on one disk... :snerk: I love Amadeus, and I kinda like Je Reviens.. I own one album from each.. (Well, two, if you figure that Amadeus re-released some of their mini albums together..) but some of it reminds me a little bit of soap-opera enka. Horrible of me, I know.. lol

Anyways.. there's gotta be a disk for stuff like V2, too. Little brilliant projects that unfortunately never spawned full albums.... (But I wonder what Yoshiki vs. Globe is going to be like... Hell.. I wonder if that's already out?)

Anyways.. I'm rambling, and I'm at the end of another Buck-Tick disk. At least I got a list done. Wonder if I'll ever get it made, now...


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