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My grey-ish Hakama came in today! IMO, they look fantastic. They look better than in the auction photos. The auctioneer on ebay was fantastic. They made very certain to point out every single flaw, stain, etc on them.. and when I got them in, I couldn't even find them all! They were very thorough. Both the front and the back have large brown-ish stains on them, but from the way they were placed, my best guess is.. the ones on the front come from kneeling in them, and the ones in the back come from the previous owner's bottom resting on his feet. Since they're old, you can imagine how much general wear they have due to that. But.. after I got them in, I saw that they wern't that noticable. Happy!
I love these. The blue cotton ones are very nice, too.. but these are a little bit longer... and they're SILK! :D I will definitely wear these.
I really do feel like I have a lot of leeway with this costume. After all, most scenes with Eboshi happen in the dark.. or in candle-light, etcetc.. so I'm always having to guess at the colors. I watched some of the shots of her in daylight, and they looked very similar to the shots of her in darkness... XP Though, the light blue I chose for the happi is bugging me more than anything. I kind of wish that I went a few shades darker.. but it's a very nice fabric, so I know I will like it when it's finished. The costume wasn't going to be 100% accurate, anyway...
Apparently there's a rumor going around that this costume is going to be kickass or somthing b/c I'm using antique garments from the era of Eboshi, etcetc..
Well, to clear a few things up:
1) Yes, they are antique garments.
2) No, they are not from Eboshi's era. They are muchmuchmuchmuch newer. ^..^
3) XD The kick-ass-ed-ness of the costume is up to the person who sees it. I can't guarantee it'll be great. I can just try my best. After all.. some of the costumes I've been the most proud on have been completely ignored.. and some of the ones I dislike have gotten the most hits. Go figure.

Millenia-- Ugh. HAven't started her back up yet. Maybe today. Still a lot of hand-stitching to do. NEED to make the jacket. Might make the leggings first, though.

Noble- I'm just wistling and waiting for my fur.

Bloodberry- I forgot I need to re-make her harness on the back. It got FUCKING TRASHED at Ushi :( Had to throw half of it away...
I need to find the stuff Celine used on her Zidane costume. Thick gauge aluminum wire.. or somthing like that...

PS- Ringo. Your phone is acting funny, and I haven't been able to get through with you. Please let me know if you'll be over for Easter dinner :(


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