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The Lady Eboshi Jacket& under kimono should be done tomorrow...
Meaning as soon as I style the wig, Eboshi will be 90% complete! (The other 10 being making fans to stitch to the haori) Then, I have to wait for the new hakama to come in. They've already shipped, so it should be less than a week now.

After the sewing on Eboshi is done, I may style the wig.. I don't know. I usually dawdle horribly on wigs, and do them the night before the convention. It never fails!
I REALLY need to make the jacket and leggings for the millenia costume, though. Eboshi will be perfectly wearable, and the costume will be finished without a styled wig. That won't take too long. Millenia is, as of right now, absolutely and completely unwearable. There is so much done on that costume, but so much left to do! Sometimes I wonder if I bit off more than I could chew.
My wig stylist is completely booked right now. She said all wigs placed before X date would be guaranteed to reach their owners at the right time. My date was a few days after X date, so I sincerely hope the wig is done. If the wig is not done, it basically makes the outfit unwearable, because her hair is such a big part of the costume. I'll have to hold off on Millenia then if the wig doesn't come in T..T I have to have it done, though! I can't let Celine down! XD And All my handsewing will be a waste! I could always wear it to another convention... but forgive me for saying so, but IMO Millenia is too big a costume for a smaller convention. Nothing against the smaller conventions.. and I know it sounds absolutely horrid of me.. but this costume is a spectacular production! It deserves the biggest audience! ^..^
fufufu.. Maybe if I get a lot of work done on Eboshi, I will feel inspired to dry and draft a pattern for Millenia's jacket :snicker: yeah, right.


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