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Laputa update!

Ok.. so I saw it earlier today.. I watched the subtitled version, and got sad. It wasn't a bad translation, just a bad job subtitling it.
Well, I'm watching the dub right now, and it makes me ever more sad!
I know they have to change the dialouge to make it fit and make more sense when they do the dub... But some of the stuff they did here was just kind of.. odd.
Castle in the Sky has a lot of dead space in it. There are a lot of segments where there is no talking. I'm fine with this. I guess Disney wasn't?
There are spaces where the characters don't talk... and they filled it in with random dialouge! There's a shot of Sheeta with Dora, and Dora is leading her to the kitchen. It's a kind of far-away-type shot, so you wouldn't be able to see their mouths move anyway.. and they started filling spaces like this with random gags! XP
Dora: If you're going to be a Pirate, you need to learn to talk like one!
Sheeta: I know, I've been practicing! ARRR Matey! Shiver me timbers!!

And there are other spots where Sheeta says some odd out-of character stuff XP And her accent is funny. It keeps changing from British to Austrailian to US to uh.. deep south? XD I'm confused!

The guy who dubbed the general sounds REALLY freakin' familiar. Can't place it. I checked IMDB, but they only have James Van Der Beek up for Pazu, and the Japanese voice cast.
Which, incidentally, makes me think that Imdb is becoming QUITE the seiyuu database!!


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