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Disney Proudly Presents....

A Studio Jibly animation.....

uh... Jibly?
-..-* Either disney is horribly misguided, or I have been pronouncing Ghibli incorrectly for an embarrisingly large ammount of time.

I watched Jibly's "Castle in the Sky" today. Yay!
It's one I've always wanted to see, and I'm very happy I got to see it. Now, the only Ghibli film I really really really want to see is Nausicca.
I was under the assumption that Nausicca was included in Disney's happy Ghibli-blanet. If that's the case, then they might release it on DVD soon.
The only think I was really unhappy about.(As far as the DVD release goes) is that it reminds me of a very bad fansub. I mean, grammar, etc is ALL correct... but they seem to selectively subtitle things when multiple main characters talk at the same time, and the subtitle timing seems to be off. That kind of buggs me. I know plenty of subtitleing circles that put a LOT of work into getting the timing on the subtitles correct, and make an effort to translate all the important dialouge. I understand if you don't subtitle "TAMAHOME!!!" "MIAKA!!" over and over again. You learn the main character's names. You have to decide if it's going to be one or the other, though...
There was a segment when a bunch of the pirates were talking to Mama, Pazu, and Sheeta all at the same time. It doesn't make much sense to subtitle a one character's answer, but not the question before it -..-**
Air pirates: Sheeta!!! Daijoubu?? (non-subtitled)
Sheeta:un! (Yes!)
AHHHH XD I'm so happy I took Japanese, or I could have been a lot more confused

... But I started crying at the beginning of the DVD when they had an ad for Kiki's delivery service T..T

Also.. I could have SWORN I'd heard all the Laputa music before. BGM, etc... but I couldn't place it.
It wasn't until the end of the DVD that I remembered.. waaaay back when I had my Mac, towards the beginning of college...I think I'd DLed a really long sound file with the ending song. The vocal version of the end song has a lot of the more prominent BGM wrapped up into it, so I finally figured it out.
Seems so long ago...

Now, I think I'll probably attempt(in vain) to wake M up again.. and see if he wants to watch Spirited Away with me.... He STILL hasn't seen it yet...

Ugh. Today was a definite failure. I couldn't go to sleep AT ALL last night.. not until about 4am... and then I slept until 3:30 pm. I didn't get to do ANY of the stuff I wanted to get done. I can run a few errands tonight at the 24 hour places like HEB and Wal-Mart.. but another day of shamelessly begging for a decent paying job will have to wait until tomorrow.


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