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In any case.. I have both shoes up to date. (Millenia costume) See, before, I was working on one shoe, and getting it to where I wanted, so I could be certain it would all work out. If I'd worked on both at the same time.. I would have been too paranoid that somthing wouldn't work right, and I'd have 2 messed up shoes instead of one. So.. I got one shoe to where I was happy with it.. and now I've caught the other shoe up.
The list of things that have to happen to the shoes now is happily very small.
I need to:
Make the cuffs. The cuffs are going to consist of another layer of purple suede (this gets attached to the boot, so the cuff does not look free, but it instead gives the shoe cuff a baggy look)
Make the "cuff" cuffs... this consists of white split cuffs that go OVER the purple bits. This will be the actual cuff. There's a lot of work that goes into those.. but I'll worry about that after I have the main body of the shoe done
Re-touch the paint on the heels

And that's about it.
The complicated cuffs get a strip of red rickrack on the front.. but you only see half of it, since the whole cuff is again trimmed in gold trim. Then, it laces with cris-cross laces in the front, and the points of the split cuff have bead-looking things dangling from them. I need to make those with fimo or sculpty or somthing... since the shape is so odd. If I could make them with purple scuptly and have a red marble in the middle, that would be super. I wonder if I can do that.....

In any case, as you can see, the white cuffs are fairly complex. Before I put all that trim on, in fact.. I need either an indigo or purple gradient on them. I'm thinking about sponging it on.. but I really want to learn how to use my airbrush and use that. Either would work well, I think. I kind of want to go from purple to indigo/navy blue to white.. but I'm not sure how it will work out yet. Must get a new sponge and see.
I have to buy more gold trim, anyway. After the shoes and the waist cincher, 10 yards are gone! And I need probably another 10 to finish the costume XP

My kimono hanger came in today for the Haori I bought for Eboshi. All the peices are cut out for the big over-jacket thing I'm making. I cut out an XL men's kimono, but I think it's entirely too large. Will have to probably cut it down to a Large.. or even a medium. I really can't have the sleeves too long,a nd the shoulders are already very large. I'm loathe to cut the pattern smaller, though,b/c I KNOW I'll someday want to make an XL kimono for a freind. Oh well.. can't be that hard to enlarge...
As soon as I get that jacket done, I will be very happy. It's cutting it kind of close, but I think I can even make a small kimono out of the orange fabric that's left. That should pretty much take care of Eboshi.. save the applique work and the wig styling. Yay!

Then there's Noble.... I hope I get the fur for that one in very soon :(
I feel like I've been working on costumes at a very good pace.... and I'm very proud that I've started way far in advance this time.. but the convention is still creeping too close for costuming comfort


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