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Hakama came in today! They're a sort of blue with white pinstripes. Very nice ^..^ They're a little bit short, but hakama always look like they're falling off anyway.. so I can wear them lower. I'd been a heck of a time trying to figure out how to wear them, though. I eventually too the two back strings, and tied them in the front so that the back flap was even on the back.. and then I wrapped the front ones around many many times, and tied them in the back. I think maybe they're supposed to have a special knot or somthing, so it's probably wrong XP
In any case.. These will work for the costume if I need them to. I'd really like to see the grey summer ones soon, though. These blue ones are made out of cotton, so they're a bit rough. I imagine the silk ones that come in will feel very nice, like my Haori. And the color is a little bit closer, too.. so I'd rather use those. I'll find somthing to do with the blue ones, definitely!
In any case.. I feel like they ought to be used for a ghetto Yuna costume, but we already did that! XD
If you REALLY want to see dorky pictures of me 1/2 in costume, you can check them out on the Paper Wings BBS :P

Thanks to everyone who commented on the wedding dress! I know I've been lazy in getting that up...
I also have more pictures of the shoes. One of them is ALMOST finished!
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