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New CD, happiness, but still no Hakama

Mail came in today. We checked some tracking numbers on UPS, and it looks like we are supposed to get lots of good stuff today. I was hoping on lots of good stuff through the mail, but only CD Japan came in.
Can't complain about that, though!!
I got the Moi dix Mois album (And it's all your fault, Zoi XD) But hey... this is MP3 sampling at it's best. You DL a few MP3s.. like the band, buy the CD, delete the MP3s, right?
I also bought a Fanatic Crisis album. (THE.LOST.INNOCENT). I really like these guys, but I've only ever had a few MP3s, and a few CD singles. 'Bout time to buy a CD. They're a good solid rock band with a good sound. I admit to being a little bit horrible. I ordered the CD without even looking at the track listing. I read a little about it... 4 hits off the CD, 2nd album, somthing like that.. but I had enough faith in the band, that it really didn't matter, IMO. So, I get it in, and it turns out that it has damn near every song I've ever heard from them on it. Happy! Tracklist! (Copied/pasted from Here for ease)
01. 006.9
02. メビウスリング
03. 火の鳥
04. B.R.E.E.Z.E
05. Crazy for you
06. Maybe true
07. dear myself
09. 龍宮
10. beauties -beauty eyes-
11. Rainy-merry-go-round
12. crawl
13. 月の虜
14. 運命と哀し過ぎる予感
15. [キミガイルセカイ]

Anyway.. good stuff.

I'm also enjoying the Moix dix Mois cd. The drum machine makes me sad sometimes, though.
I mean, this is definitely Mana. And, since Malice Mizer was mostly Mana and Kozi, it's definitely very much like Malice Mizer.
I seem to have this knack for liking bands with a strong influence by one particular member/frontman. It reminds me of the Cure. I love the Cure... but the Cure is really just Robert Smith. So.. Robert Smith decides to do a solo album, but it's pretty much still just the Cure, you know?
I think perhaps one of the things that I like the best about the Malice Mizer breakup, though, is the fact that Kozi is now doing his own stuff. Now that he's doing stuff with/as Eve of Destiny, you get to hear more of his sound. I haven't heard really much of any of the Eve of Destiny stuff yet, but I do hope that he does more singing. I know that they're somthing like 3 members, and one of them is a vocalist.. but come on.. who didn't think Kozi's voice was absolutely smooth and sexy in Color me Blood red? That song, overall, was fantastic.. but it also gives you a little taste of what Kozi is capable of, vocally. XP Sing more, darn it!

hmm.. ok, so I've listened to Dialouge Symphonie straight through once already.
All in all, I like it. The vocalist is very talented, even if he does remind me a lot of Gackt. Not that it's a bad thing.. it just makes you think...
I think it's unfortunate that they don't have a drummer, because sometimes the drum machines are overpowering where they would probably sound a little bit better subdued. I really feel that this album is a sort of continuation from MM's last album, Barano seidou. In Bara, MM takes a turn back towards the harder, faster goth-rock. You get a lot of organ, harpsichord, and Klaha's beautiful operatic vocals. With Dialouge, it seems that it's even faster, harder, more driving& pressing, but you still have the gorgeous operatic vocals, this time from Juka. I read somewhere that it was like "Beast of Blood: the album." and I have to agree. It's not quite that brilliant all the way through, but you do get the harder, more driving songs that have a sort of mania to them. I think that's why I liked Beast of Blood so much. There are swings between these gorgeous sweeping vocals in Japanese, and manic periods in fast garbled english. I don't think I could really evaluate the song any better than the band itself has done in interviews, but IMO, it's violently beautiful as a whole. So.. this Moix dix Mois album rubs me in that way, too, a bit.

However... the pictures make me giggle XD I want to put a caption above mana's head that says "Who's the dark prince now, bitch?" He's got the whole black wings/long black fingernails thing going on.. which reminds me a little bit of a certain someone's Merveilles image... XD I smell a new Baka ni narumon mini-comic coming on!


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