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Still no hakama.,...

I'm still waiting on pants to come in. I really can't make my orange under-kimono for the Eboshi costume if I don't have pants. XP But, I suppose I can make the jacket. I wonder if I have enough spring suiting to do the "fan" patterns along the bottom of the jacket.... I would be very happy if I did.. but I'm not sure I do XP

My cat has a flea. I hope it's not more than one.
He's never had fleas before, and I saw one on him yesterday. I looked him over, but he's so fluffy, it's hard to see if he has more or not. I don't see any bites, irritated areas, flea droppings, etcetc.. so I'm hoping this one was just a chance one that hopped on him. And I hope it doesn't plan on laying eggs. XP But, because I don't want him infested, I'm getting flea medication for him.
And Ringo and I painted a few of his back claws blue with fingernail polis yesterday. HA!

Hmm.. I'm almost done with the waist cincher. everything else (like everything from the past few weeks) requires handstitching, so I'm taking breaks and doing other costume stuff in the meantime. I also need to finish the boots. I know they're going to look kickass when they're done. I just need to finish them. I WANT to put the trim on now, but I can't exactly do that until I get the rest of the purple suede glued down. XP And then I also have to do touch-up painting on the gold acrylic parts. I hope everything turns out. I'm running out of time!

I've also been combating problems on some tifa armor I'm doing on commission. I need to find a good way to attach the boot armor.. but the boot is so flexible, I'm very worried that the boot armor will crack and chip... but unfortunately, it's not the sort of thing you can really know about until it gets a lot of wear. It wasn't a problem on my boots, b/c they were steel toe. Even then, they did crack a little around the 3rd time or so of wearing them. Extra fiberglas will have to be the key, I guess.
I hope I can mail that off within the next week or so.


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