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detatchment and the fearless leader

I had this really odd dream about Malice mizer the other night. I related it to Max in full detail, and I thought you might be interested as well, so I'm just going to copy/paste... that is, if it's ok with you.
I had another last night, where my mom found 4 people from japan down by our house, and she decided to put them up since I'm so interested in Japanese stuff. They turned out to be Malice Mizer... Mana, Kozi, Yu~ki, and, oddly enough, Gackt. They erected a huge Kami memorial fountain by our house in thanks for putting them up at our house. The fountain was beautiful, with a life-size statue of Kami surrounded by 2 angels with huge wings. They were mounted on the top of the fountain, and it was of tarnished bronze& copper. There were black wires swirling around it and water flowing from their feet. It was gorgeous.... And I remember though I was living with them for a few weeks, I really wanted them to autograph some pictures.. It was amusing, because Yu~ki and Kozi and Gackt thought it would be funny to forge other band member's autographs.. so by the end of my hunt, I had pictures of them hugging me, etc.. and one concert photo with each band member's name "autographed" somthing like 3 times each, and they were all forged by the other band members. It was odd... I woke up very sad, though, because the last thing I drempt about was the fountain.
School has started, but I still feel as if in limbo. I've wanted to go out to eat the past few days, but people have been ruining it. I can't really say they've been ruining it.. rather, other things come up, and I push my plans aside. I suppose I have no right to complain, because I'm making room for my freinds of my own accord, and the place I wanted to go to is really dumb anyways, but it's strange how the little things mean so much...


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