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I'm probably about halfway done with the waist cincher on my Millenia costume. I have the outer lining all assembled. I basted coutil to my suede panels, and put that all together. I also put the lining together.. but for some reason they're not matching up. I'm REALLY glad now that I sewed on the white coutil with purple thread, or it would have REALLY been difficult to rip the seams out. I triple-checked the panels on the suede. That one is put together correctly- Thank god. It would have been too much to have to take them both apart.. and on top of things, I would have been REALLY paranoid about dissassembling the suede panels, b/c I wouldn't want to cut them.
But.. I can tell now, once it's all put together, it will be absolutely gorgeous. I'll be so happy when it's done! I'm taking apart the lining now. I'm fairly certain that I have one or two peices turned upside-down in there somewhere. It's really hard to tell, though, b/c I cut about 3-4 inches off the top so that it would no longer be an over-the-bust corset. So.. the peices all look so much more similar now >..< And while I marked them 1-5, I did not mark which side was up. (Again, not a problem on the corset....) so I guess last night when I was really tired, I just got a peice flipped somewhere.
Hopefully, I get that straightened out tonight. I WANT to have the waist cincher essentially done tonight.. meaning the lining and suede portions are attached and hemmed. I don't intend on having the gold trim on it tonight, but if I do, it'll be an added bonus. If for some odd reason, I stay up really late, or get all of that done, or need a break from the various hand-stitching that will need to get done, I'll probably sew my orange kimono top for the Lady Eboshi costume... or I'll make the big jacket first. I haven't decided. I should probably make the big jacket first, and use whatever is left for the kimono top... in case I decide to just sew a new haori from scratch. I really haven't decided what to do there, and there isn't anyone around at the moment to give an opinion. Still having trouble finding a hakama, though. >..<
Another really nice silk one went up on ebay. I'm bidding on it. Now I'm bidding on TWO. Maybe I'll get outbid on one. That would be nice... Otherwise I'll end up with a choice of colors XP

Dark Cloud 2 is making me sad :(

I wish I had some company while working on costumes right now. It gets so lonely when you're doing it by yourself. I need to work on that comission some more, too. When I get the fiberglass part done, everything else will go by really quickly. I just have to get THAT done. Probably this weekend...


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