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I am so, utterly depressed right now :(

Dark Cloud 2.
60+ hours of gameplay down the drain.
I accidentally saved M's new game (only 2 hours on it) over my game file.
I missed a photo at the very beginning of the game, so I asked him if I could take it on his game, and then use the photo album to put it on mine. I was doing that, when I noticed that he didn't have his photo album yet. I was really excited about getting that photo in my book, so I went to find the photo album for him. I like to save often. So I don't lose a lot of hours of hard work when I die. I was so used to saving on the first slot, I saved over it without looking.
This is a devestating loss. I'm so depressed :(
I was so damned close to beating the game. I was almost to chapter 7. There are only 8 chapters in the game. I was at the end of chapter 6. 60 hours of gameplay!!!! At least!!! I don't know what to do..
If I'm ever going to get back to where I was, I guess I'd better get started playing... but I'm so upset over it I just don't wantt o touch it again. But if I don't.. I won't get to see the ending.
This is horrible. :(

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