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More strange dreams last night...

My strange dreams last night led me on a quest through the craft stores today. I've been looking for materials to make myself a super-deformed Alucard plushie. (Alucard=main character of Castlevania, symphony of the Night [C:SotN for short]) Unfortunately, though plush materials would seem to be common stuffs of craft stores, all I was able to find was felt. The only fuzzy plush-like felt the place had was animal-print, and I don't want alucard to have leopard-print hair. ::sighs:: I'll have to look around some more. I also wanted a flocked grey material to make my cosplay owl with. I'm working on my Sarasa outfit...and since I don't have a machine, I'm waiting until 3/7/01 to make the main outfit. That's Matt's b-day, and his mom will bring her sewing machine down and help me make the outfit. I think that it'll be a good cosplay outfit.. and someone MIGHT ACTUALLY recognize me. I shouldn't complain, because I'd rather cosplay the more obscure characters, or cosplay J-rock... but it's bad when your obscure hobby group makes fun of you because you are too obscure for them... Anime fans not recognizing your character.. anime fans not recognizing J-rock.. ah well.. can't be helped.. not all J-rock fans are anime fans, and not all anime fans are J-rock fans... though I have noticed that ALL anime fans love L'arc's "Blurry Eyes" becasue of DNA^2 :P It leads some of them to believe they are J-rock experts.. and then I have to beat people up...heh


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