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Turning point!

So.. here's the dilemma...
Go see Spirited Away tonight by myself, or wait for someone else to see it with me. If I go see it now by myself, I will be lonely, but I'll be guaranteed to see it in the theatres. If I wait for M, it may be out of Waco before I get a chance to see it.
You never realize how FEW freinds you have until you actually want to go out and do somthing fun. I mean.. you should have enough freinds that you can think of more than 3 people you'd want to go see a movie with, right? B/c what if those 3 people you know can't go? Then you're stuck watching movies by yourself, or waiting for them to come out on video, so you can watch them by yourself without having to drive someplace else to be lonely. You can just be lonely at home.

If I want to go see the movie now.. I have to leave the house now to make it there in time. That's why I have a choice.

I know some people MAY have a chance to go see it tomorrow, but I can't guarantee I can. I guess I won't go tonight. I hate going to sit in sticky nasty seats, and I hate the thought of going by myself even more. I wonder if I'll have time this weekend? :sigh:


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