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I'm horrible!

I have so much to work on.. finding a new job, finishing costumes, working on a (small) commission...
So, I got to work on getting the peices off the net that I need for costumes.. wigs, etc.
I was still lamenting the usual 75 bucks people ask for hakama, when I decided to check ebay. I found the most gorgeous vintage men's silk summer hakama in grey! Perfect! And the price is currently VERY affordable. Talk to me in two days when the auction in over and see if it was still that cheap, though -..-**
I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope I get these. They're absolutely perfect. And since they're a lighter fabric-silk- I know they'll sit exactly the way I want them to. I may have to tack them up 2-4 inches, though if they drag.
I also found a wig I think will work. HAven't bid on it yet, though. Still thinking about it.
Aaaannd... I found a haori! It's absolutely gorgeous
It, too is an older peice... probably antique. It's check-marked, and not plain red. If I win it, I will then decide what I want to do with it. Eboshi's haori has what looks like a yellow fan pattern on it, (or what would probably be applique? or somthing? If I were to do it..) But if I decide that I can't bear to marr this top, or that the check-pattern won't work.. or both... I may just end up sewing it myself. Even if I have to make one, this is a gorgeous haori.
It seems criminal to even think about sewing stuff on top of it.... But I promise I won't make it look crappy. XD
While I was at it, I also bought a pair of black tabi. (B/c HELL if I'm making another pair! LOL)
Costume comission is in the works, too. I designed a new method of attachment for the elbow armor that I have to try.. and everything else starts once I get my customer's boots in. ( I have to fit the shoe armor to the boot.)

All in all.. I'm rather surprised..pleasantly or otherwise... that the Eboshi costume is turning out to be 75% bought. Oh well XD If it looks good by the time I'm done modifying everything, I'm ecstatic.


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