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Wow, Geeky fanboy day!

Yes. Today was the geekiest day ever.
I stayed up late tonight just to watch Happatai on the Jimmy Kimmel show tonight.
They sang& danced and preformed Yatta!
Don't ask if I knew the words or the song XD
(Though.. I tend to remember the "wrong" lyrics from the little irrational exhuberance vid that was on the 'net... "We are the wad of dough..." )
What I think amuses me the most is this:
How long have hard working rock bands been trying to get over here& break through?
A freind/family member of Jimmy Kimmel saw the Yatta video on the internet (or maybe it was irrational exhuberance?) and they pretty much decided at the spur of the moment that it would be a hoot to have these guys over.
Must be kind of frustrating.
If you think about it, though.. those guys (happatai) wern't really ment to be serious, and they wern't treated seriously, wheras the bands that have been trying hard to break out here in the US want to be taken seriously.. so I guess it's for the better. It's just a little ironic that they were brought over so quickly for seemingly no reason XD (and they said on the show "Here is 40k in plane tickets!") How odd XP
In any case... it was really very odd seeing that on TV. I hope a lot of people got to see the weirdness of green leaves... bwaha
Kinda blows your mind, though


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