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I made a folder of cropped pictures from the wedding. I just picked out my favs. from M's digicam. I'm waiting until we get everything else in before I make my final selections ^..^ (In other words.. I'm feeling incredibly lazy, and have not uploaded the cleaned-up pictures yet)

And, thanks to Goat, I will be staying up late tonight to watch the Jimmy Kimmel show. Why? happatai! The Yatta! song being preformed in all its splendor and glory on American soil. It's so.. weird.... I know Puffy is getting kind of big now.. but who would have ever thought?
It's such an alien thought. Like me being married! BWAHA!

So.. I took a big step. Yup. I bought a comic book for the first time since the Spider-Man clone saga thing. Man, that sucked. But, I read an issue of the Amazing Spider-man today that I really liked, so I bought it. It's got a lot of important stuff going on, so it may end up being a collector issue... but man.. Dr. Doom going through airport security metal detectors! ha! It doesn't get any better than that.
In any case.. I'm feeling all fuzzy and nostalgic again. Just like I did when I went and saw Spider-Man a billion times in the theatres. (I probably paid for the DVD twice over.. haha) Yup. It's my dark inner comic-book-geek side of me. As opposed to the dark inner cosplay/anime-geek. XD
Uh.. nevermind.
I shall take my geekiness elsewhere, to read my new Bizzare mag, and wait for Yatta!


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