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Ok.. so instead of sewing, what did I do?
Bwaha! I played Dark Cloud 2 all day!
I figured I might as well get caught up on everything I missed when I was doing wedding stuff. :P
Tomorrow, I need to try and wake up early so I can change my last name with the bank.. and then sometime soon I need to get a new Social Security card & change my name w/the gov't. Also need a new credit card& driver's license. My license is still good.. until 2004... but if I get everything else changed and wait on that one, I'll have problems identifing myself.

Oh.. I snatched this from Del, and found it highly amusing XD
Dir en grey: Well, they have good intentions... at least the dog is safe.
Which Jrock band are you stuck on a deserted island with?

brought to you by Quizilla

Incidentally... for those of you who may or may not still be on Kijima's freinds list... It looks like he finally noticed that I booted him off my freinds list. He say anything interesting? It was probably all the same "Chicks are cunts. They need to die. I'm going to *beep* and *bleepity* *beep* them in their *beeeeps* with a rusty *beeeep* blahblahblah," right? Just curious.


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