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I woke up at 3:33 this morning, and couldn't sleep. Matt also woke up and watched TV for a bit, but went back to sleep within an hour.. unfortunately, it wasn't the same for me. I played with the cat... who ALWAYS seems to be awake.. and started screwing around on the net. I had to catch up with Sluggy and my email, too.
MTV was playing a set of music videos called"the return of rock." Whatever. They had 2.. count them TWO decent videos on in the whole 2 hours it was playing. They played a Moby vid featuring Gwen Stefani.. and she's cool in my book so even though I'm not a huge Moby fan..(I like Radiohead better...) It still counts as 1 of 2 decent vids. The other one was a "A Perfect Circle" video. A Perfect Circle is a new band formed with the lead singer of Tool and some other guys.. so even though I've only heard 1 or 2 songs from them, they're also allright with me. I think that Tool's Aenema was an awesome album.
The rest of the videos were crap like Limp Bizquick :P and Insane clown pasties and crap like that. I don't think it's music.. just fast drums, one guitar chord being played repetitively and LOUDLY and lots of screaming. How's that different from DeG, though? Well... I suppose if you simplify it that way, there is no difference, but I like DeG. I feel that they at least have a *worthwhile* message, and they have more melody in a pinky than all of Kid Rock and those bastards put together. I think it's really sad... But all music is going to pot like that, everywhere. All the good rock bands are dying out. If I had my way, I'd live 1975-1994 over and over and over again. That was about the lifespan of real rock...You can go back farther than that, but too far and you end up with Elvis. ::sighs:: How was it? Live fast& die young. Maybe I'm too disenchanted and jaded to "appreciate" rock's new incarnation.. but in the US it's a mix of the heavy elements of heavy metal and everything else that is rap.. and I hate rap. Heavy metal was good when it was a mix of fast& heavy with melody and message.. now MTV's definition of "rock" is violent chaotic screaming with destructive messages. I hate it whem media& culture blame music for things like Columbine.. but what *can* the generations that grew up on the beatles and bubble-gum music say about some of this stuff today like KORN, etc?

I miss music.


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