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02 March 2003 @ 11:16 am
Well, since I found out they were sold out, I called immediately to see if there were any cancelations ora waiting list or somthing.
I was able to get a room with two double beds, but I didn't get the 115.00 a night con rate It was a lot more >..< Suck. Ah well. At least this makes cosplay easier.
Njallbukkr av Kaosloki_sataere on March 2nd, 2003 09:46 pm (UTC)
Offer it to me? or Kyo no Miko?

I never worry about the room issue, because I get littel sleep, and when I do, I usually get volunteer crashspace, bum a corner from any friends that have plenty of floorspace, or got o my car, depending on what is most convenient when the need for sleep attacks.