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Next on Trading Spaces.. Integral sews a wedding dress!

And now for somthing new! As you all know, normally on trading spaces, we redecorate rooms.. now we're going to watch this flustered bride try and fix her wedding dress!


More updates on this exciting situation later..

Last night I was so lonely T..T I got off work and wanted to do somthing, so I called our Harry Potter, but he was already out partying! XD
I was kind of sad, b/c it ment that I might be watching movies alone, but I bumped into some freinds at work, and a long, strange series of events led to them coming over last night, and watching Rose Red. I picked it up waaay back when it first came out, b/c I heard it was really good, and I REALLY wanted to see it. I didn't know Julian Sands was in it! Aaaahhh. XD shhh.. No telling, but I had a crush on him in Jr. High.. lol.

We also watched One Hour Photo. That was a FANTASTIC Film. Kudos to the director, art director, cinematographer, etc. They did a superb job of telling this story. The use of color and space in the film will just blow you away. I don't really want to ruin it, though..
For your main progagonist/antagonist character, everything surrounding him is very sterile, reminding one, perhaps of the carefully watched conditions in a dark room. He treats his craft like an art, and the tan and taupe shades around him help you understand his neat and proper demeanor. Williams here plays his role expertly, with a body posture and cairrage that make him noticably small and meek. Even in bursts of passion, when you wonder if perhaps there is some rage or some force that may lose control and explode.. you notice that even those are forcefully contained by the colors and space around him. The photos and other things of life are the only places with real vibrant color. Even in some of the odd dream sequences when William's character vainly tries to include himself in that world, the colors do not seem to stick on him. Perhaps one of the most impressive of these "flashback" type sequences, IMO was the christmas sequence where they made a 2-D picture 3-D and 2-D both at the same time. Artfully done! Ahh... I could go on forever about the little things they wowed me with. Fantastic film.


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