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Finishing touches

The wedding is getting too darn close!
And I still have so much to do..
The house really isn't fit for entertaining right now.. so I'm trying to work on that.
I'm also working on my dress some more. No new pictures yet, though. I'm still wondering if I'm going to have to topstitch the bodice >..<

In any case.. RO has been a lot of fun lately. I've made a few freinds over it, and we've been gleefully killing bugs for the past few days. I'm now a swordsman (woman!) and halfway to becoming a knight (in job levels, that is)
I'm still having problems killing ants, though. This game really is insanely difficult as far as leveling up is concerned. And the map isn;t that big, and there arn't many monsters.. but when you get down to it, it was engineered really well. All those factors add up to you playing it for a frickin' long time to try and get a strong enough character to kill a basic jelly monster without getting your ass kicked. I have a hat.
But I want wings on my head! And sexier clothing. Not the boring brown ankle-length skirt I've got now. Some girls have really pretty purple dresses T..T I want to be a sword-chick in kickass clothing, riding a PecoPeco! (Like a chocobo, but looks like a weird toucan-parrot thing)
Ahh.. I should go work on stuff now. Play RO later.
Though, I already played a lot today.. heheheh
Oh.. that was an adventure!!
I woke up at the BUTT CRACK of dawn to get to work, only to find that the roads had completely iced over. Integral, meet icy-road driving. I did well, and the car didn't slip much at all.. save this one time when I pulled into Shiply's, but it wasn't bad...
In any case..
Get to work, driving really freakin' slow >..< Once I got there, I noticed no one was there. And I was late! So.. I waited.. got out of the car.. peered into the store windows... waited some more..
And met up with two other guys from work. We were all locked out, and b/c of it, 30 min. late to a job we couldn't get to.. because the manager with the keys wasn't there...
So, we gave up to go get donuts.. bent on going home if the donuts were gone before a manager got to the store.
Donuts gone.
No manager.
I was about to go home, when I suggested that we try getting in touch with the manager somehow, just to see what was going on. One of the guys in the back seat suggested we go down to his house, since it was really close. When we got there... manager-san was there. Sitting at home, dressed for work... :P
We were very confused... but he said that he was down there for a while, and no one showed up, so he went home. We all piled back into the car, and followed the manager down to work. When we got out of the car, he told me that I wasn't even scheduled today! BLAH!! So.. I got up early to slide around on the ice, eat donuts, and go home.
It's already been an exciting day. All I have to do is get some cleaning done, then I'll feel ACCOMPLISHED!
but still sleepy T..T


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