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Last night left our poor heroine frustrated with Ragnarok Online! However.. all things worked out in the end.

This morning, I came back and played a little bit until I got disconnected again. I haven't been able to get back on since! Argh! I've been trying all day.. and in between attempts to connect, I've been attaching the lining to my bodice for my wedding dress. It's frustrating me, too >..<

There are so many folds and creases of fabric, it's hard to make sure I'm sewing the right stuff together. I mean, I'm having no problem sewing the bodice on.. or even trying to get it to sit flat... ( I really DON'T want to topstitch the bodice. Don't know if I'll have to or not yet. ) The problem is that every now and then, I sew a shoulder strap a little bit crooked. Normally, it wouldn't matter, but in this case, there are so many panels merging together along the shoulder straps, there's a massive ammount of fabric there. Plus, if I sew somthing a little crooked, the lining won't lay down right, and then we have a problem. So.. all I'd have to do is re-sew it and then pick out the crooked stitch.. but there are so many layers of fabric it's hard to keep track of what goes where. If I get that finished today, I will feel very accomplished >..<

I also tried to hem the sides of the front satin panel. That didn't go very well. It looks bad.. so I'm going to have to tack the skirt down to it so that nobody sees. Oh well. :(
I'll just be happy when I get it all done.

Most of all, I'm frustrated with RO XP I realize that it's a beta, and by no means perfect... but the beta doesn't last all that long, and it would suck if I was paying just to get disconected all the time. Hopefully, everything will be better by Monday.

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