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18 February 2003 @ 10:00 pm
A little R&R  
Today I spent the afternoon relaxing. It was nice. I played Skies of Arcadia: Legends until I passed out. (Good thing I saved it, b/c I didn't want all the extra hours my nap put on my game!) Then, I took care of email and bills.. and cleaned off the computer desk.
I got some fun stuff in the mail, too! Mainly, my complete set of the 1990 Marvel trading cards ^..^** I feel so dorky, but they make me happy, and they were very cheap. (No holos.. but I have a few already)
I also got a letter from Melissa.. my best freind since 4th grade. I don't think she can make it up to the wedding. :( I'll try and figure somthing out!
When I was cleaning the computer desk off, I found an old rebate check for 30 bucks! Whoo! Go me! I think it's still good, too... ^..^
Oh! And I'm giving you an adequate warning..
You guys have 15 hours left!!! For what, you ask?
To get me this as a wedding gift! hahah
It's so nice... I wish I could afford it.. but it seems that I can't afford the top shelf Tennimon cels. I'm thinking about maybe sending her an offer after the auction's over. I'd offer 65, but I'm not sure I even want to spend that much.. so I may not. Ahhh.. pretty Dispel cel... opening sequence.
Current Mood: lazylazy