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A day late.. but I couldn't post them last night. I was really sleepy! I had to wake up at 5:30 am this morning for work, so I wanted to go to bed as early as possible last night.
a full shot
another full shot
a close up

So.. the bodice is done, except for the sleeves. Ringo put the zipper in last night. I also started to hem that nasty sheer stuff for the front panel. Ringo sewed the 3 skirt panels together and gathered them, and then we just pinned everything together for the dummy. So yeah, I realize it's crooked :P But that will be fixed when it all gets sewn together. Also have to add the details.. but after that, It should look good.

Edit- And looking at the photos, I just realized you can't see any of the gold details on the brocade panel in the center! Bwa! T..T

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