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A note to the Goat...

Get this! I checked out IMDB for the DD cast, and the character Kevin Smith is credited as is "Jack Kirby." XD I love the inscestuous family of comic books. Yay!

Ok.. so, for the rest of you..
Yes, I am a big dork. I'm even a big comic book dork. Daredevil isn't my fav. series.. but I went to go see it anyway. The trailers made it look like it would really suck. It didn't... but I really hope they don't bother making a sequel. If you've ever studied anything about film, I think this would be a neat one to watch just because of all the different, interesting film techniques they used.
It was pretty funny, though... opening scene... a rat scuttles along the streets of NY..
Basic enough, right??

Then why was the rat CG'd????

Probably to let you know... if you hadn't figured it out already.. that it was a big budget movie :P
I mean really. A CG'd RAT? Rats are smart... Is it really cheaper to spend hours CGing a rat than renting one from a hollywood trained rat company? A lot of those animal handling places have very talented rats :P
I feel the rats have been slighted!


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