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Music and dreams

I was listening to the Max MP3 disk some more, and heard a very familiar song.. It was simply titled "rose" and again, there was no artist.. but I think I used to have a clip of the last part of this on my computer after I first met Max...It's so familiar.. can't pinpoint it, though. Could be Animetal lady, perhaps?
There's more lucifer luscious on here too... I've really grown to like her voice a lot over the years. I wonder if I should track down some more Fiction stuff, too?

Well.. I suppose if there was an upside to the Woman's Curse, it would be the really, REALLY interesting dreams inspired by temporary hormone inbalances. I had another fun one last night, too. Can't remember too much about it, though.
Lately... I'd have to say 3-4 times in the past month.. I've had dreams with the same theme. they've all been different dreams, but in each one, I've been 300-400 years old. My dreams take place in the now time...but I'd already put 400 years behind me by now. I can't say I'm undead or anything like that.. just old. My appearance is the same... It's just like everything is now.. but there's this added piece of history included in the /who I am/. In each dream, I always meet with a male freind.. a different one each time... that I was really good freinds with in the past. With each male (with the exception of one in a dream I recorded on here earlier) it had always been a patonic relationship. In the one I had the night before last... the guy and I met in a house he had in the mediterranian somewhere off the coast of a small Greek island.. He had a wife, and she was insanely jealous because she thought that something had gone on between us in the past. I found out later that she was insecure because the two of them had been striving to have children, but with the exception of one, all had passed away before the conclusion of their first year of life. I wandered into a spare room in the house, and saw a baby bed, I'd say about 2/3 the size of a twin bed, that had been turned into a glass-topped coffin. The bed was shaped as a coffin, and had smokey walls. The only way to look in was to peer in through the top. When I looked inside, there were many, many dead, mumified babies in there. There was also a dead child that looked to be about 7 who was face down. They were all wearing dark, navy blue and mumified. These were apparently all the childred they'd had in the past. I remember feeling great sympathy and pain when thinking about how this must hurt my freind. I didn't think too much of his wife, because she hated me...but I understood a bit more, now. The dream got a bit strange here, and I don't remember it all.. but apparently, we decided that there was a problem with her blood type, and that was causing the sickly children. We decided that she must be killed and then revived to be made more like ourselves, and then the problem would be fixed... (But we wern't any sort of vampire, or highlander character or anything like that, so it was a bt confusing to me.) So.. we shut her up in a coffin-clock type thing that looked very much like the one in Rocky Horror Picture Show, and we stabbed her. This greyish milky white substance spewed out of her, and we had to hurry.. and then I woke up. Strange, ne?


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