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ooh, more fun and excitement!

I called my photographer a few days ago to tell her that I was really interested in hiring her.. but she didn't call back until today. (Apparently she didn't get my message, and her machine lost it :( )
In any case, I was very happy to hear from her!
Then she told me that they had to move to Boston, and be there by March 1st. Bummer. T..T
IT wasn't so horrible, b/c I hadn't sent her any money yet.. but now I need to find a new photographer in less than a month! wheeee!
She was very nice, though, and called up a few people and talked to them for me, so she's helped me try and set somthing up. She called HER wedding photographer for me, and talked to him a little bit... so hopefully everything will work out with him.
If not.. her sister-in-law is the head of FLASH! photography, and they do most of the stuff for Baylor. IF THAT doesn't work out, there's a guy I talked to at the bridal show that I'd like to call. If none of those work, I'll end up having to pay full price (1,000 bucks!) for another local photographer, and hopefully find someone who's free. If not.. then you guys had better bring some disposables with you!

I'm also working on my sleeves tonight. I have to change the pattern a little bit. Huzzah for Muslin. If I can get the general sleeve pattern worked out, I'll be a happy munchkin. I also have to get M to help me fit the bodice tonight.. and I need to decide on what I'm going to do for the front of the dress. >..< Buu


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