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Whatastud... twice in one day...

Yes.. it's my second post for the day :P
Mostly because I'm unhappy with my website, too. Nyah :P
I'm trying to come up with a decent way to show my fanart. I had an idea, and it didn't work.. so then I just started throwing things together... that didn't work either...lol
Now.. I'm trying to think of a nice way to display my stuff...It's not all just fanart, either.. it's not even all scanned yet.

Plus.. I've decided that I need to resize all the pictures. If you have cable modem and a large monitor, it looks fine.. but I need to make the pictures smaller so when you click on a tumbnail, you can actually see all the picture on the screen.. I suppose it detracts from the pic a little bit, but then again, I'm no Rembrant, so no one will really care. I also need to make my thumbnails....thumbnails. I have a few ideas that will look nice... but the mail reason everything looks so sh*tty is because I don't have any order to what I'm doing yet. If I could just settle on some sort of PATTERN for everything, I could make it look great....As you can see from my index, though...I don't like doing just one thing... If I make a theme.. and make everything fit the theme and look good.. I'm only presenting that one side of myself. However, if it has no orginization, and has a lot of different things thrown together like it is now..I feel it fits my personality more.. but only makes me look like an idiot b/c it has no real form or substance. Ah well..... Maybe if I can find a pattern that I like that I can use to express myself some more, I can make somthing good I'm proud of...and then I'll have to worry about room..heh ^..^***
Back to the drawing board....


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