HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Must breathe

calming down... but still pissed about the whole dress situation.
I don't know what I'd do without M.
Zoi, darling.. you are such a lifesaver. I wish there were somthing I could do for you to show you how wonderfully supportive you've been lately. T..T

I'm thinking about changing the dress design a little bit, too.
I've been looking though this Bride's magazine that Mako-chan left behind.
Ok.. so if you look in the background, there's a picture of a chick in a dress... but I think I want to make bell sleeves like that!
I've been having trouble coming up with ideas for the neckline anyway.. and since sleeves are not in, I've been having troubles deciding on what to do.
Charlotte has an interesting cut to the front of the dress that I can't exactly do seamlessly. I've been thinking about alternatives to that little problem, as well as thinking of better ways to do the neckline. I've decided that I kind of like the front cut that she has, but the gold crap along the neckline HAS to go. The sleeves are a little poofy.. which I was thinking about keeping.. it helps offset the poofy-hip-things (that normally go on the butt.. but the name always escapes me when Ineed it. Starts with a "b") And THOSE things help offset the distinct lack of body/detail in the skirt.
I look at all these dresses.. and I think..
I really like the fact that mine is going to be so simple.. but I also love all the beadwork in the dresses in the magazines. I'm kind of torn.. because I don't sew expertly... not like the tailors who make those dresses.. and I'm afraid that the simplicity of my dress with make my sewing faults all the more obvious.
M says that perhaps it would have been better, had I bought a dress..
and in some ways, it would have been.
But I don't know if I would have been satisfied. This way, I get exactly what I want.
What do you guys think of the bell sleeves?


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