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As soon as I have time..

I'm going to figure out how to make Megumicat my livejournal pet XD hweeee!

I'm getting stuff done today.. instead of eating lunch >..< Sacrifices must be made!
Today, I am:
Settling things with the photographer.
Begging mom for $$ (Arboretum bill needs to be settled this Sat.)
Getting the Arboretum floor plan settled
Working on wedding dress?
M wants to go to the Keep tonight. We had fun last night, but I have so much to do. I hope that I can get my price changes done today.. that way I won't have to come in to work until 11 tomorrow.
I also need to try and settle things with the caterer.. but she's got the biggest outstanding bill of them all, plus she has the latest deadline, so that won't happen.
I also need to get some pay stubs, and set up my consolidated loan. Since it's going of a % of my very small income, there is paperwork that still needs to be filed (unfortunately). I also have to make a payment on a loan, since I don't think the consolidation will be finished by then.
and I need to mail my mom a package with a bunch of invitations, too.
and I need to mail all the dallas etc people invitations.
And I need to work on my wedding dress. (I do realize I already mentioned this)

Things I WANT to do:
I want to play Skies of Arcadia Legends some more.
I want to work on my Millenia costume.
I want to eat lunch >..<

And I may only be able to do the bottom one from that last list. The other stuff probably won't happen until my wedding dress is done.
Once that is done.. .FREEDOM!


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